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DryBox Rescue Wraps Up

Efforts In Colorado


Dry Ventures, Inc., the makers of the revolutionary DryBox Rescue machine have now wrapped up our efforts in Longmont, Colorado, where we offered free help in saving flood victims wet cell phones and small electronic devices.  While there, it was our privilege to meet many people affected by the floods, and to offer our help by successfully saving many phones that had gotten wet during the floods.

While we wish that we were able to stay longer and help more people, our success rate starts to decrease once a phone has been removed from it’s watery condition longer than 36 – 48 hours.

If you were unable to take your wet device to our on-site location, and you would still like to attempt having it saved by us, you can mail your device to us.

Please call us at 855-5-DRYBOX – ext:102 for more details and to line up the service.

We will do our best to help save your wet devices and all the contacts, pictures, and data that might be on them for free.  You will be responsible for the shipping costs to send us the device.  We will return the device to you for free by USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail, or you can pay an additional fee to have it sent back with a faster service if desired.


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